closed eyes and hoping for a better life.

i'm a fucking unicorn.

But, then uh… so do you, huh?

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poke poke poke

poke poke poke

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Me the first day of school.

Me the first day of school.

I’m in love and scared of this character.

kiss me and i’ll cut your fucking tongue out.

Fuck it All (Let it Go Milkovich Style) 


Based on my previous post (x)

Hope you like it, I just can’t stop myself

I just want everybody here to know I’m fucking gay.
A big old ‘mo.” (Shameless 04x11)

The bar glows bright in The Alibi tonight
Not a redhead to be seen.
A city of isolation,
and it looks like I’m the King

Well, i’m done.


this is absolutely incredible

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Right, right when I’m near, it’s like you disappeared, where’d you go? My dear, you’re a freakshow! And it’s all fun and games, ‘til somebody falls in love, but you’ve already bought a ticket, and there’s no turning back now.”

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